Wealth Creation

For most people, wealth creation objectives are about growing funds to meet specific goals, for example becoming free of debt, providing for retirement or savings for education funding or renovating your home.

In addition, issues such as whether you are an employee or small business owner and your age and lifestyle will all impact your wealth creation strategy.

JustInvest can implement a plan for you which delivers a path to meet your goals. An ideal Wealth Creation strategy often incorporates investments and superannuation (and eventually pensions), and puts you in control of your financial decisions.

The right plan for you is the one that you’re comfortable with, and ultimately that will give you a sense of financial security and wellbeing.

In addition, superannuation is an important part of wealth creation for most Australians. Don’t leave it too late to understand the strategies that may be available to you to increase your funds for retirement. Simply assuming that a super fund established for you by default by an employer is suitable for your needs is a risky retirement strategy!

In addition, many people ask whether Personal, Corporate or Self Managed (SMSF) Superannuation is the best option. The answer is that it depends on your individual circumstances – what you need may be very different from your friends, relatives or colleagues.

A Customised Strategy

A customised wealth creation strategy will consider your attitude to investing, risk profile and asset allocation, among other issues. Are you a conservative investor, or aggressive? Or do your attitudes change over time? Do you want to avoid particular investments, or search out others?

When creating wealth, your attitudes, timeframes and personal circumstances can all impact your strategy, and therefore customising your portfolio to your requirements is crucial.

Most people see success in Wealth Creation as being dependent on investment returns – but there is more to the strategy, including the amount and timing of your investment contributions. In addition, by investing in a manner consistent with your risk profile (how much risk you are willing to take to achieve returns), we can develop a wealth creation strategy that’s right for you.

Your asset allocation is the mix of investments that make up your portfolio, and it is probably the single most important factor in the returns that your portfolio will generate. Investment types can be split into asset classes (including Cash, Fixed Interest, Shares & Property) and an appropriate asset allocation is selected to maximise returns and potentially reduce the risk within your portfolio.