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At JustInvest Financial Planning we believe sound advice & ongoing support is fundamental to your financial well being.

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Our Fee Structure

We offer a no charge ‘Introductory’ meeting, which is normally 45 minutes to an hour. At this meeting we ascertain the type of advice you require, based on what you’d like to achieve. Alternatively we offer an initial ‘Strategy’ meeting at a cost of $230 (inc GST) for the hour. The Strategy meeting allows us to answer your general financial questions, to assist you to outline your strategic direction (but doesn’t include personalised advice).

If we then agree to proceed further, a quote for advice will be given. All quotes are provided in written form, detailing the scope of the advice – i.e. what is and what isn’t covered in the strategy. All advice is provided in writing, in the form of a clearly written Statement of Advice report.

In our experience charging a fee for advice promotes an honest and transparent relationship, in which your needs are the priority. Due to the nature of our work, initial advice is subject to a customised quote rather than a standard fee. This reflects the wide variation in financial circumstances of our clients – in terms of complexity, scope of advice, and portfolio value (Note: minimum investment value generally $100,000 or above).

Our Service

At JustInvest we realise it takes time to reach your goals and objectives, so we partner with you – not just at the beginning of your journey – but throughout the process, consistently aligning the right planning options with your desired outcomes.

How many successful athletes have reached their full potential without a coach? We believe that with clearly defined goals and ongoing communication, we can make a difference in planning for your future. That way, we can monitor your progress and celebrate reaching your milestones!

Are you regularly kept up to date with issues affecting your portfolio? JustInvest clients are kept up to date on issues relating to Australian and global markets, investment, super and pension strategy, and legal and regulatory changes.

We recommend that our clients pro-actively review your portfolio with us at least once a year. This enables you to keep up to date with information relevant to your portfolio and implement any changes that are required to ensure that your goals and strategies are aligned.

Do you need an accountant, solicitor, general insurance or finance broker? JustInvest’s extensive network of professionals (working independently from us) can assist you in areas we don’t specialise in. Depending on your needs, we can suggest trusted professionals suited to your requirements.

The pyramid below shows that as your scope of advice & level of service increases, so does the value of the outcomes.

Service Levels & Scope of Advice

Service and Advice offered to you by by JustInvest Financial Planning: