Wealth Creation

Making your money work for you with the ideal strategy and structure across your investments and superannuation.

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Wealth Protection

Are you and your family protected in the event of illness or accident?

Maintaining your lifestyle in the event of illness or injury by protecting your most important asset...You!

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Wealth Preservation

Making sure the right people get the right assets at the right time…Estate Planning

Minimising tax - structuring your finances to take advantage of legitimate concessions, benefits and deductions.

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Just = Ethical

Are your investments structured according to your values and beliefs?

Do you care whether your super fund invests your money in fossial fuels, tobacco, alcohol, gambling or weapons?

We specialise in Ethical Investment.

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Based in Perth & Dunsborough, Western Australia, JustInvest Financial Planning is a 2nd generation family business offering fee for service advice, established in 1967.  We have a long history of helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Strategy, Structure, Performance

We offer advice which gives peace of mind by ensuring that the strategy, structure and performance of your finances meet your goals.

We own our own business, so aren’t limited to offering in-house products – instead, we can focus on giving advice tailored to the outcomes you’d like to achieve.

In addition, we were among the first to offer our clients ‘Fee for Service’ advice, based on an hourly rate which is clear and transparent.

Financial Planner AFP® Member of the FPAFPA Member

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Peace of Mind

The outcomes that we have achieved for our clients over a long period of time speak for themselves.

Whether it be building wealth through investment, super strategies, planning for retirement or simply talking through your financial goals, we have experience – and our client testimonials prove it.

Strategic financial planning isn’t about products, or particular investments – it’s about delivering the best outcome for you, given your financial position. Our Financial Modelling allows you to compare strategies to allow you to plan for your future with detailed future projections at hand.

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Ethical Investment

Are your investments structured according to your values and beliefs?

For example, do you care whether your super fund invests your money in fossil fuels, tobacco, alcohol, gambling or weapons manufacture?

There are many research studies suggesting that by investing with ethical and sustainable criteria, you can outperform your peers.

At JustInvest we specialise in Ethical Investment, and we can construct your portfolio according to your individual ethical criteria. We assist a wide range of not-for-profits, Non Government Organisations and charitable foundations to formulate, implement and manage Investment Strategies in line with their Ethical Criteria.

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